Room Additions in Bozeman, MT

After spending years living in your home, the walls can start to feel like they’re closing in. You might want a space that’s more private or your family may be growing into a space that feels more and more cramped. Whatever the case, it’s a problem home additions can solve.

At Renaissance Renovations, we help homeowners make the most of their space by adding to it, no matter if you need more bedrooms, bathrooms, second-floor additions or even a new garage!

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  • Bedrooms & Master Baths

    There are many reasons you may need room additions in Bozeman, MT—whatever your reason for needing more space, we’ll be happy to help you build out your home. We can build additional bedrooms in all different sizes, in accordance with the layout of your home. Or, if your home lacks a proper master bedroom or master suite, count on us to put in a private bathroom to improve your everyday convenience!

  • Kitchen Additions

    If your kitchen isn’t big enough to support your family or your daily cooking habits, it’s smart to add a little bit of space. We can work with you to push out the walls or repurpose peripheral space, adding more room to work with so you can have the kitchen of your dreams. Better still, we can completely tailor any addition to meet the current aesthetic of your kitchen, giving the impression your space has always been accommodating.

  • Second Story Additions

    From mother-in-law suites to second-floor bedrooms and more, when you can’t build out, we help you build up! Our ability to add-on to second story homes means you’re able to utilize your space to the fullest, without impeding on your property or your neighbors’.

  • Garages

    Our abilities span to both attached and detached garages, giving you a place to park your car and house your belongings that’s safe and convenient. From single-car slabs to multi-car garages, your newest addition will be a rewarding one when we’re on the job!

Committed to superior quality and results

Thinking about adding on to your home? Whether it’s a new bedroom or an entire garage, Renaissance Renovations will make it a reality. Contact us today at (406) 404-6212 to consult with us and let us put decades of experience to work for you and your home.

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